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What a break from Facebook taught me about life

Have you ever had a relationship that just drains you? ‘Showing up’ or even talking to that person becomes a dreaded chore. Eventually you avoid them, take a really long time to return their phone calls or take a break from them altogether.

That is exactly how I felt about Facebook, so I decided we needed to go on a break. The conversation went something like this:

Hey Facebook…so….we need to talk. I’ve been with you for 4 years now, and things just aren’t how they used to be. We used to have fun together. I would tell you cool things about my day and share a lot of valuable stuff, and you would show other people and introduce me to like-minded friends. That was fun… and I’d be lying if I said you didn’t have a big part in the success of my career.

But… you have changed so much that I don’t even recognize you now. I get that you have your own goals, but you are so selfish and complicated that I don’t enjoy being around you. You make it really hard for me to make new friends (unless I pay you) and you don’t let me talk to the friends I already have (again unless I pay you). So, um…I’m not saying I want to break up or anything…I just think we need some time apart. I need to think about things and figure out what’s best for me, you know? 

Facebook didn’t take it that well. He retaliated by making sure even LESS people were talking about me or interested in what I have to say. Touché book face. 

took a break from Facebook

But I’m not the only one that felt this way either. As Facebook’s popularity has grown (to over 1 BILLION monthly active users), so has the never-ending cycle of updates, newsfeed changes, tougher algorithms, and rules that users must abide by. This may just be an annoyance to the average user, like rising gas prices that cause a minor freak out, followed by general acceptance. But for businesses and Facebook pages (like mine) it is painful as Facebook is admittedly killing organic reach and forcing pages to pay for exposure after years of allowing messages to get to fans for free. Sure, Coca Cola can afford it, but it’s really not […]

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